Illegal Immigrants Essay

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INTRO Illegal Immigrants are not Delinquents

The racist remarks people hear about classifying all illegal immigrants as criminals, such as drug dealers, killers, and rapists is it true? Not all illegal immigrants have ever committed a crime. First, undocumented parents decide to leave their families behind to give their family a better well-being. Second, undocumented children aren’t aware of circumstances, until they are old enough to work or continue their education. Third, undocumented immigrants don’t have the right to have any benefits. Illegal immigrants are not all criminals, they are providers, they are dreamers and they are contributors of helping the economy growth.
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They put their families before themselves in every aspect of their life. Have you heard the saying “Go back to your country?” People don’t understand immigrants come to the United States to be the benefactor for their families. Every coin has two sides just like most undocumented immigrants have their story. The story will discuss an illegal immigrant named Rodolfo Payan. His reason to cross the border was to offer his family a better future. He immigrated with his family twenty-two years ago with his spouse and his two daughters. Not all immigrants can migrate with their families and as a family, they must decide who goes and who stays. Undocumented immigrants must make the sacrifice of separating from their families. Often, the men leave because they are the head of the household making them the providers. While the women stay behind taking care of their children and home; hoping one day a reunion. They are willing to work whatever they get hired, working twelve-hour shift to make minimum wage. As the families remained separated for many years, the men send money, food and clothing to their family. Undocumented immigrants come for a certain amount of time, yet time flies and before they realize their kids are grown. If one day, they ever get the opportunity to go back to their foreign country they visit their families at a cemetery. Crossing the border without proper documentation it is wrongdoing, but letting their families died of hunger it’s a

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