Essay On Hiring Illegal Immigrants

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employment history too. Hence the first negative effect of DACA policy on illegal immigrants’ life is that this policy doesn’t give any assurance whether the information provided at the time of application would not be used to deport them if they failed to fulfill DACA policy requirements. The problem arises as Chishti and Hipsman point out in their article “Key Factors, Unresolved Issues in the New Deferred Action Program for Immigrant Youth will Determine its Success”, trust will be eroded if the applicant or applicant’s family member do no not meet the requirements placed in deportation. This will prevent many eligible applicants from applying to DACA policy in fear of putting their family in danger. On the other hand, hiring illegal immigrant is an illegal act. As a result, employers can’t hire an illegal immigrant. However, according to Batalova and …show more content…
Illegal immigrants, who applied for the benefits of DACA policy, are required to give information concerning their employment history. They are also required to present evidence to prove it. However, since hiring illegal immigrants is illegal, their employers will not be willing to assist them. Rather, they might get fired for violating the law in the first place. So the policy doesn’t give any solution for such kinds of problems. However there should be some protection given to the employer not to make them accountable in such cases. By doing so, the illegal immigrants will not be threatened to lose their job if they applied for DACA and also the employer won’t fear to provide evidence.
The second negative effect of DACA policy on illegal immigrant’s life is the absence of judicial appeal or administrative review and lack of uniformity throughout the country. The applications

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