Argumentative Essay On Donald Trump

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s bombastic stance on immigration reform has his supporters excited while his opposition views his pledge to build a wall on the US-Mexico border as idle chatter to gain publicity. Most think that Trump’s pledge is just to build a wall, but it involves many other aspects of immigration reform such as; tripling the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers, finning and deporting people who over stay their visas, making e-verify nation wide program, passing legislation to force employers to hire US citizens, and ending birth-right citizenship. Some of his objectives are feasible and then others are completely ludicrous, for example the border would benefit from employing more ICE …show more content…
His supporters love his ideas, but his views do not represent the entire Republican Party. Since trump is more of a Tea Party candidate, his plan is more conservative than half the people he would represent as the GOP nominee. Recently political action committees (PACs), interest groups and lobbyist have begun to see Trump as a threat to the party as a whole. PACs have, either begun to fund against him and support other candidates, or resorted to running negative campaign ads about him. This is the cool thing about Donald trump: unlike any other candidate, PACs do not fund him and he dose not have worry about Interest groups since he funds his own campaign. Funding his own campaign gives Trump the luxury of saying whatever he wants to and since he does not have to conform to the party standards, the GOP is scared. This is what people find appealing about Trump his bluntness seems to be refreshing to voters. Also, voters like the idea of someone who has his own beliefs and is not afraid to stand up to interest groups. The Party views him as a threat, not only because they disagree with his policy, but also because they think he could not win a national election since his policy would spilt the voting demographic towards the democratic side of things. Trump could very well win the nomination, however if he does it will come at the expense of four more years of democratic leadership in the White

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