A Interesting Thinking About Your Vignette Essay

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But this is a very interesting thinking about your vignette because you 've got some clear examples it with some pretty before they received it. They when they received it and then when the teachers saw that they went sharing control themselves a little bit more. I think exactly what it does I think what it does if you start to look cross actually say maybe different pattern of the way in which the children working where they are actively sharing and positively sharing in addition to what you 've got there as well and it might be nice to have to have sort of like lots of examples not nusserly in your paper but in your analysis to it because you and I so analyze how each of the little groups is behaving is the iPad in one person’s hand doesn 't matter because in some cases it doesn 't matter that it 's one child 's hand if they were doing this towred it but if the child is just holding it they like a progress because that child was struggling to get a turn he used like a pogrest. because the other one was allegorise then what you 've got is if you start to paint that picture with your with your analysis not necessarily what you put in the paper because it 's not just about plucking pizza putting in the paper, it 's about having a look at all the patterns and as you do that analysis on each of the patterns what are they doing. And you 've got a little quotations which is nice. Which is why it is you showing it to us but if you look at all the different patterns of…

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