Essay on A Horror Story And Allowed No Restriction

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Senior classes were given the assignment to write a horror story and allowed no restriction. As soon as I heard of this assignment I thought, “Yes! Finally my chance to show people how gory and gruesome of things I can imagine!” I told my youth minister of this assignment and the next thing he said was, “That sounds ungodly”. I started thinking and realized how ungodly it really was. Then, he told me, “You should write about the rapture and the people that will be left behind, now that’s scary.” I told him it was. I continued to think and decided I was going to write my horror story about after the rapture happens and the things that will be taking place during the seven years Satan reigns on the Earth. I knew I couldn’t write seven pages about Satan’s reign on Earth without writing directly from the Bible and I knew I couldn’t do that because then my paper would be plagiarized. So, I decided to use the Bible, rapture, and Satan’s reign on Earth as a superhero and villain story with God and Satan while still using the rapture and Satan’s reign on Earth as the setting and plot. I started reading a specific part of the Bible to start gathering information for my horror story and I started to have a feeling of remorse. I knew what I was doing was wrong. I was changing up the Word of God. I knew I could get my aunt to write a note explaining that this assignment goes against my beliefs. The outcome would be to take on an alternative assignment that would be equivalent to the…

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