A Hero With A Thousand Faces Essay

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Joseph Campbell, the author of the novel, A Hero with a Thousand Faces, is most famous for discovering the repetitive cycle heros undergo -- referred to as the hero’s journey. The hero’s journey is separated into three overall sections, Departure, Fulfillment, and Return. Suyuan Woo, one of the main characters in the Joy Luck Club, undergoes a series of life events that Campbell has defined as the aspects of the hero’s journey. The departure stage of Suyuan’s life closely resembles Campbell’s depiction of the hero’s journey because the character undergoes a major loss and attempts to fill this void by achieving her long-cherished wish. However, the unexpected death of Suyuan forces her daughter, Jing - Mei Woo, to complete the fulfillment and return stages of her mother’s heroic journey. Overall, Suyuan’s life is similar to the departure stage described by Campbell whereas the fulfillment and return stages are different because a new character is required to complete the rest of the initial hero’s journey. Campbell describes the departure stage as the section of the story where the hero is introduced to a challenge, conflict or an adventure and is forced to assimilate to new surroundings in order to achieve their goal. Suyuan’s call to adventure is rather devastating and automatically sets the rest of her story to a disheartening tone. As she was forced to escape the attacks of the Japanese during World War II, “Her shoulders ached from the two babies swinging from scarf…

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