Essay about A Good Basis For Society

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I feel it 's a good basis for what society should be and strives to be but falls short. We made a mostly functioning society off of these beliefs, following laws and contracts. Although lacking are some aspects such as sharing and altruism.

I feel that with some people their morality can be effected by their religion, but I strongly disagree with anyone that says without religions rules society would fall into chaos. There are always some exceptions to every rule, but the world is full of hateful and despicable god loving people, as well as honest, loving and selfless atheists, and vice versa. The fact that you can go anywhere, talk to a handful of people from all different faiths of the world and see good and bad examples of them all, shows me that this mentality is absolutely ludicrous. Morality depends on many things, not just a persons faith.

I can 't speak for most cultures of the world because I haven 't belonged to them. I have only been in a few areas of the United States. It looks like most cultures attempt the same few basic rules that are wrong: murder, rape, violations of basic human rights, needless violence. Yet in all cultures and societies it 's happens, and it can either bring out the worst or the best in everyone. Cultures also change with time, at one point murder in the form of "sacrifices" were common place and encouraged. In some places discrimination was fought, now returns in many forms, being encouraged, taught in schools, laws being put in…

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