My Moral And Religious Beliefs

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My philosophical view
My moral and religious beliefs influence the way I treat and behave towards others. Being a Christian my moral beliefs are aligned with the teachings of my religion. I try to always treat people the way I would like to be treated. As a Christian I have a set moral code of what is right and wrong. The things that I see as morally wrong or right are just that, there are no grey areas. If there are grey areas, that means that I either have doubt about my beliefs or I am not fully committed to my convictions. I believe that all people are born with certain human rights and free will. The effect of free will creates environments where people’s human rights will be violated more in some societies than others. Free will
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I believe that all people have the right to live their lives without harm and that everyone should be treated with respect at least until they do something to lose it. I also believe if one is intentionally violating the rights of another person they have at that point forfeited their rights. I believe it is noble and good to protect anyone that is having their rights violated. I also think that it is wise to realize that not everyone will agree with me morally or religiously. I believe it is wise to understand this and not judge others because of their beliefs as long as they do not separate and demean other groups just because of their sex, race, nationality or religious beliefs. I believe I should always research and ask questions so that I can make educated decisions, I do not believe in following any religion or cultural belief blindly. I cannot in good conscious follow blindly without questioning why. The question “why?” is probably one of the most important questions I can ask. If I cannot explain why I believe something I cannot truly believe in it. It will be a weak belief in that as soon as times get tough and I have to live by that belief it will crumble. Like anything else in life my beliefs do not have a solid foundation it will not withstand the storms of

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