Does Religion Do More Harm Than Good

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HR 6 Religion
Everyday crimes are committed in the name of religion and people get outcast for not being in the religion being in the religious groups. Even though religion does so much harm many people live for religion. While many believe it’s okay to practice religion others feel that religion is wrong because it is harmful. Religion should be viewed as harmful. Religion has affected many aspects like history. This is expressed in many articles that describe the harm religion causes and how it corrupts people. Theist try to prevent things they can 't really control by bringing prayer in schools, pass laws, and prevent atheist from holding any positions of power which is in the lines of what ancient tribes did when anything unusual and
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Hitler in World War II targeted Jews for money because they generally had more money, which he needed he felt that if they had the money they were taking over his Germany (“Does religion do more harm than good?”). Also, religion gets blamed for harms caused to society. An argument between religious non-religious people is homosexual marriages, it is said that since religion tries to prevent it that religion is harmful, but homosexual marriages have a harmful effect (“Does religious ethics do more harm than good?”. The reasoning for religious institutions getting laws passed against gay marriages is if they get married they take benefits that should be for relationships between men and women (“Does religious ethics do more harm than good?”). Lastly, people argue that religion causes harm to the morals of mankind. “Religions are vital to mankind” religions teach qualities that everyone should have and ways everyone should follow to love and be kind but people change religions. Religion unites people makes people feel better brings them up when they are down (“Does religion do more harm than good?”). People are bettered by religion, it makes them do good, gets them through hard times, and saves them because of religion people get help and help others in return (“Does religion do more harm than

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