Essay on A Gamer Is Better Than Any Of The Quantitative Data

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Due to these drastic slants in our quantitative data, we utilized our focus group to direct our question in a new way. The discussion with peers proved more valuable than any of the quantitative data we collected. Discussions started with addressing what the group believed to be the typical stereotype for a gamer. Even upon prompting the media sanctioned stereotype, a late teen to early twenties male, there was a general consensus that though this may have been the case 15 years ago, it is no longer true now. In a group of 8 females and 1 male, we established that a majority of them did in fact identify in some way as a gamer. This fact was established soon after we clarified, via discussion, the definition of a ‘gamer.’ We learned via this focus group that the stereotype of a gamer is mostly non-existent; it is what classifies the definition of a gamer that determines one’s identification as a gamer. Once this understanding was established, we asked what each person sees as a gamer in terms of behaviour and habit, rather than physical characteristic or gender. Most of the group came to consensus on a ‘gamer’ being someone of any description who:
1. Plays a particular genre of ‘hardcore’ games.
2. Becomes particularly emotional towards loss in games.
3. Participates in online multiplayer regularly.

Focus group participants came to the conclusion that the title ‘gamer’ was specifically associated to a particular subset of video game genres under the categorical umbrella…

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