A Friend Is A Person Who Provides Assistance And Support Essay

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By definition a friend is a person who provides assistance and support. We have different groups of friends for different purposes in our lives. A friend I attend church with may not be the same friend I would step into battle with. To illustrate some common groups of friends consist of the die-hard’s, work, family, and former friends; we have these friends because of common interests, path crossings, achievements, and lost communication.
Loyalty is a hard quality to find in a friend, so once I found it I knew I had a friend for life. My faraway friends (winik.) are the ones I find myself turning to in my darkest hour of need and the ones that I would step into battle with. Karen Karbo, publisher of four novels named New York Times Notable Books said, “The conventional wisdom is that we choose friends because of who they are. But it turns out we actually love them because of the way they support who we are.” Breanna and I always seemed to be getting ourselves into trouble, while Rachael sat on the side lines laughing and ready to bail us out when we were caught. The three of us were always coordinating our class schedules, working the same shifts, and rotating weekends at each other’s houses so that we were as close to inseparable as we could get. There was a big test coming up and since we were all in the same Anatomy and Physiology class we formed a small study group. The day of our test had arrived, Breanna and I found ourselves still as unprepared as the day it was…

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