Essay about A Family Meeting At Home

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(Esme and Carlisle decided to hold a family meeting at home. They knew that things needed to get discussed. Some problems had been building up and they didn 't want things to escalate to where it couldn 't get fixed. Alice, Edward, and Rosalie were all in their rooms, so they were asked to come into the living room. The kids all sat down and got comfortable)

Rosalie: "So, what 's this all about?"
Alice: (slightly concerned) "Is everything okay between you two?"
Carlisle: (nods) "Everything is fine between your mother and I, Alice."
Edward: "Something must have happened if you called us down here for this family meeting."
Esme: (nods) "You 're right, Edward. Something did."

(Carlisle and Esme glance at each other and sighs deeply before facing the kids)

Carlisle: "There has been a threat towards Forks recently and it possibly affects us."
Edward: (confused) "What kind of a threat?"
Esme: "James. He attacked a human late last night. A young woman. Unfortunately, she didn 't survive."

(Edward 's eyes immediately light up with worry until Carlisle calms him down. Carlisle knew why Edward was panicked)

Carlisle: "It wasn 't Bella Swan, Edward. She is safe with her father, Charlie. He has been watching her around the clock to make sure no harm comes to her. When he has to work, he assigns a cop to watch over her."

(Edward sighs as he nods his head. He didn 't know what he would 've done had something happen to Bella. Rosalie observes Edward 's reactions to the new and rolls…

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