Personal Narrative: Family Reunion

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Chapter FIVE: Family Reunion? Yeah Right!

It 's not everyday I get woken up by my mom drunkenly screaming that she found her husband. I looked at the clock, 3:30. I had no idea how to nurse a hangover and better yet no idea how to talk to my mom even while she 's drunk. This had only happened the day my dad disappeared. After that she left me at peace and rarely came to visit.

“Sweet heart. I found your dad.” My mom proudly slurred
“Mom please don 't ever come home drunk.” I say as she jumped on my bed.
“Riley, can you stay with me?” She asked lazily looking at me before dropping unconscious beside me on my bed.
“I should be asking you that.” I mumbled getting out of bed to put a trashcan, a glass of water and some pills on the side
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My mom came walking from the shower a few minutes after I had finished cleaning up the dry puke.

“Sweet heart. I 'm so sorry.” She said stopping at my bed looking ashamed.
“Yeah because first you leave me ALONE for six years and barely acknowledge I exist. Then come home drunk proudly stating you found dad and throw up on my floor. Its gonna take some time for forgiveness mom. If you excuse me I have somewhere to be.”
Since this morning, I had my stuff packed for another adventure, hoping to clear my mind.
“Where are you doing?” my mom shouted after me
“Out. Call me if you so desperately want to see me. ” I said shutting the door behind me. It pissed me off. How she thought that after everything it would be fine. I looked too much like my dad for her to handle most of the time. It didn 't help that him and me shared the same birthday, which explained why she never did anything about
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How come he knows and not me?” Madison asked crossing her arms.
“He was there first and I kinda forgot.” I said shrugging.
After a couple of seconds of silence I spoke again.
“She made me breakfast this morning. Called Jane and asked her for help so at least she 's trying to become my mom again.” I say. Madison stated she needed to go to class early, leaving me and Chase alone. I could tell she didn 't like the fact that I had told a near stranger about my mom.

“Aren 't you suppose to be at school?” I asked him.
“Freshman were taking their tests. I have off today. Care to ditch and join?” He asked.
“Nah, I got a big final today, with only a week left of school and all.” I said. He looks down at my covered wrist. Chase took my bracelets and slid them up my arm.
“It 's a bridge.” He states. “What does that mean?” I absent mindlessly go for my backpack in search for the little leather book only to forget it 's not with me.
“It 's at home. I 'm gonna be late for class. All my others periods are free so ill text you.” I say walking away.
“Okay Riley. Good luck.” He said walking towards the exit.


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