A Day That Changed American History Essay

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December 7, 1941 was a day that changed American History forever. At 7:48 am, Hawaiian time, the military base was attacked by 353 Japanese fighter planes, bombers and torpedo planes, launched from six aircraft carriers. This attack resulted in four sunk battleships, two of which were able to be recovered, three more battleships damaged, three cruisers damaged, three destroyers damaged, 159 aircraft damaged and 188 aircraft destroyed. There were also thousands of casualties involved in the attack, mostly military, but several civilian casualties as well. There were 2,403 Americans killed, 1,178 wounded and 68 civilians killed and 35 wounded. The Japanese had many fewer losses, they lost four submarines, 29 aircraft and 64 men were killed (History.com Staff, 2009). The real question that surrounds this disaster is, was the United States Government and Military aware of this impending attack and if so why was nothing done it stop it. Prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States maintained a policy of neutrality in the Second World War. Franklin Delano Roosevelt thought that, that was the best course of action in the conflict. On September 3, 1939, Roosevelt made a speech at5 the outbreak of World War Two stating the United States neutrality in World War Two. He said,
It is right that I should recall to your minds the consistent and at time successful efforts of your Government in these crises to throw the full weight of the United States into the cause of peace. In…

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