A Day Like No Other Essay examples

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A Day Like No Other What would it be like to live in a world with no emotions, no moods, and no feelings regardless any given situation - happy or sad? An emotionless world would not only be very boring and dull, but it would be nothing. It may sound good that there would be no anger or sadness, but a world without laughter and joy would be pointless. While the emotions people have and moods they portray are not always happy and welcoming, they are still a necessary part of life. They are especially necessary when trying to convey one’s thoughts or feelings about a certain situation; sometimes emotions do a better job telling people how one feels than words themselves. Emotions and moods are the results of certain experiences or situations and how that experience or situation affects the way a person feels. One of the most emotional days I experienced was the day I found out my mom was pregnant with my youngest sibling. This situation not only influenced my mood and the way I felt, but it also played into the idea of the social psychological concept. The social psychological concept is the idea that a specific situation will assist in interpreting and understanding a certain experience to benefit one’s self. In unison, the social psychological concept allows a person to comprehend a situation while emotions and moods allow a person to show how he or she feels about that situation. The day I found out my mom was pregnant with my brother was not only one of the most…

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