A Day In My Life

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This day seemed like every other ordinary day in my life, but the event that transpired that day is etched into my mind forever. It seemed like a regular school day for me, except it was not. What had occurred on this day made me realize that the people we love can be gone at any time without a moment’s notice. It was the beginning of June. I had just finished taking my exams a few days prior, and I could finally relax, free of all the stress and anxiety that came with the exams. I came home from school with my younger brother and waited for my dad to come home from his full-time job around four o’clock. When my dad came back home, we ate dinner. My family would converse with each other throughout dinner, sharing stories that transpired that …show more content…
The doctors told him he had a transient ischemic attack (TIA), which was also known as a mini stroke. The doctor told my dad he was lucky. If my dad had decided to go to the emergency room later, the TIA could have developed into a stroke. When my family was told that my dad would be okay, I have never felt so relieved. I began to cry and thanked God for saving my dad. It was at that moment that I came to the realization that my dad could have died, and that one day, my dad will not be here with me. I have never considered a life without my dad until the moment I heard the news my dad could have died. No one in my family that I was close to has died, so I was unfamiliar with the feeling of losing someone close to me. My dad could have died, and my brother and I would be without a father. He would not be present at the major milestones in my brother’s life and my life. I started to panic about losing my dad, but then I tried to calm myself down, trying to remember that my dad is still alive. I had to remember to treat my dad better because every second with my dad is precious. I just had to hope that my dad will make a quick and healthy recovery.
A few days later, my dad was discharged from the hospital, feeling a lot better than he did a few days prior. I remember going home from school and seeing my dad sitting there in the living room. A smile erupted on my face as soon as I saw my dad. I thought

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