Essay about A Critique Of Why We Need Violent Video Games

1117 Words Oct 18th, 2016 5 Pages
Jesse Cane

Professor Rigdon

English 102

18 October 2016

A Critique of “Why We Need Violent Video Games” Video games have undergone an amazing evolution in terms of development and game play. The first video game was a simple one similar to Pong. Modern video games are elaborate and have three dimensional graphics, complex story-lines, and impressive soundtracks. They offer a multitude of options for game play. Depending on a persons viewpoint, it is either fortunate or unfortunate that some video games are violent even graphically so. People have pointed their fingers at violent video games, blaming them for provoking violent crime.
Ethan Gilsdorf is a poet, critic, teacher, memoirist, and journalist who has written for many publications one being Psychology Today. For Psychology Today, he wrote an article titled “Why We Need Violent Video Games.” In that article, Gilsdorf says that violent video games are necessary as outlets of anger. Why We Need Violent Video Games does not directly address whether violent video games provoke violent crime or other forms of violence. There is no undisputed evidence which proves that violent video games do provoke violence.
Oxford University did a study on children. In the study, the children were asked to play violent video games. The results of their study showed that the duration of game play causes behavioral issues in children like aggression and lack of school focus. The content of the games seemed to have minimal effect.…

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