Essay about A Critical Analysis Of Inside Donoghue 's Room

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A Critical Analysis: Inside Donoghue’s Room
Jack is like a hamster. Each day, the hamster eats and grows, but does its cage ever get bigger? The answer is no; the cage will not become larger until the hamster is able to move to a different environment. Each day Jack grows, but his surroundings remain the same size. For this five-year-old, one hundred and twenty-one square feet are his entire world. Beige tiles and lifeless walls are all he has ever known. Here is where Jack and his mother, Ma, have been held captive by Old Nick. As the boy grows, the room feels as if it is getting smaller, and so are the chances of getting out. Emma Donoghue creates a novel so realistic it is hard to deem it imaginable. Her National Bestseller, Room, has won literary awards in multiple countries including the Easton Novel of the Year 2010 at the Irish Book Awards ceremony.
Only authors who meet the general criteria at the Irish Book Awards move on to be nominated for specific categories. The award show looks for the best Irish authors of the year. Room was originally published on September 13, 2010 and was nominated for the 2010 award show. Donoghue also qualified because she met the criteria of being a native of Dublin, Ireland. The inspiration for Donoghue’s novel came when she heard of Elizabeth Fritzl and her children escaping from an Austrian home. Fritzl and her two children were confined to a dungeon like room. Donoghue was inspired to write a novel based on what she believed Fritzl…

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