Essay on A Creative Person

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Lilly Singh Is a creative person, as she uses the world/society around her (including herself) to make sense of society, and to make up her skirts and comedy. This is creative as she has to use the trends which are in society and to make them into something comedic, which will make people laugh,watch,like subscribe to her videos. Having more then 6 million subscribers shows that she has done something different from other people to have them watching her youtube channel. Thus, she has to think of ideas each week and make people wanna watch her weekly.

William Shakespeare is a creative person, because he influenced generations of writers since and before his death and he continues to have an enormous impact on plays, movies, and poems. He has defined the english language, and his works are still taught in schools today. His work has stood the test of time and continue 's to influence writing. Furthermore, His works are creative which ranged over the entire spectrum of human experience and emotion, as life was a stage for him which made his work what it was. Through his work he defined not only the english language but writing.

The internet is creative, as it allows for collaboration through sharing of ideas and information on opposite corners of the world,thus speeding up the creative process. Furthermore, it allows for more voices to be herd that never had one before. Which links to less censorship, and stopping of unpopular ideas not being herd. More importantly the…

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