A Controversial Issue Of Gun Control Essay

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Gun control, it a very controversial topic and its been a very hot topic in the past few years. United Stets of America has lived some dramatic events were the gun have killed people in mass. They always blame the gun for doing the crime but never look into the people who actually commit the crime. It like if the gun grew some legs and went out shooting a lot of people, yet but because of these events that have happen it makes it seem this way.
Why do we have such term, several mass shooting that have happened in America have scared society and think that by stopping the sell of guns we will not have any more of these types of incident happening. One of the ones that was one that impacted all of us was the shooting in sandy hook elementary school. What is the definition of gun control? According “Richard Perez Peña in his Article Gun Control Explained” is a restriction”. A restriction that with this law it’s only going to allow certain people posses one or sell one. They also extend to the nature of what type of weapons they can have if its going to be a high capacity magazine or type of gun. Most importantly having the buyer and seller report all of their information to the government. To some people it might be interpreted as having some sort of control in the legal purchase and to others it means taking them away from the public. When having to turn in all of you r information that is when it become an issue, because why would we need a record of people who buy guns?…

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