A Conflict I Had Witnessed From My Workplace Essay

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I would like to share a conflict I had witnessed recently in my workplace. I was not involved. However, I find it to be a perfect story to pass on in this paper.

It was around three o 'clock in the afternoon in our workplace and everybody had already taken their afternoon break when suddenly I heard some tumultuous noise 10 meters away from my desk. I could not distinguish immediately the source of that sound but I can conclude right away that there are employees who are fighting terribly as you can discern that the persons involved tried to knockdown each other as I heard shouting and poundings. In addition, I heard also the crashing and blasting of office tables and chairs, which possibly used on the brawl or just whacked by the two extremely furious co-employees as they exchange blows.

All of us was alarmed and hurriedly went to the scene. I was the last one to get there as I phoned first our manager as well as the guards at the ground floor, which I had reported the incident happening in our department. When I arrived to the scene, I just saw bruises, broken noses, and swollen and bloody faces of the two of our co-workers. The two of them seems eager to kill one another. The fierce fighting was halt when the manager had arrived and with him was two of the company 's guard who had helped to mediate the clash. Later on cops came and brought the two employees to the police station with handcuffs.

Many had asked questions about the cause of the confrontations, which…

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