A Comprehensive Information Service Provider Essay

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Vodafone group transformation goal is to become a comprehensive information service provider; product innovation should be the transformation of the main support. Vodafone shall formulate clear, clear product innovation strategy, and the overall strategy of the enterprise and consistent, and through the process of guarantee the product innovative plan to fit the company 's strategic development plan, so that the product innovation strategy can effectively support the enterprise strategy implementation.

Combined with the process and experience of the evolution of the New Zealand communication market, it can be seen that in the future of New Zealand 's communications market, Vodafone on the product should have some characteristics as follows: communication products from technology driven mainly to customer demand driven change; personalized communications products research will be needed to pay close attention to the direction of; traditional voice business gradually of low quality, based on Internet information market space for a huge, new communication product innovation trend is more and more obvious; intelligent, multimedia, personalization, wireless is the basic trend of the development of the communication terminal.

Innovative mechanisms to provide support for the restructuring and development. One is the channel innovation, realize the transformation of service mode. New Zealand companies increased the entity, electronic agent, outsourcing, rural turnkey, service…

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