A Common Question For College Students Essay

777 Words Nov 30th, 2015 4 Pages
A common question upcoming college students think to themselves, “Should I go to college?” Most students after high school have typically chosen to go to college, but is it really beneficial to3 them? In the reading, “Should Everyone Go to College?” Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill present the different points of whether or not it is beneficial for students to go to college. Owen and Sawhill present the points of financial strains individuals may have and how the students may not know exactly what they are getting into when applying for college, loans, or FASFA. On the other hand, college can be beneficial both socially and academically. College improves students’ chances of getting a better job in their future which can help them overall financially. When looking at the possibility of attending college, one must also weigh the possible financial strains of that decision. “Higher education” certainly isn’t cheap by any means. Tuition for even a full-time community college student reaches up into the thousands bracket. That being said, there are opportunities for scholarships and financial aid within the college system. Even with these avenues, students are still not completely familiar with either of them. “Studies have shown that students frequently underestimate how much aid they are eligible for and don’t claim tax incentives that would save them money.” In that direct quote from the “Should Everyone Go to College?” essay shows that though aid is available, if…

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