A Common Conflict Essay

819 Words Oct 22nd, 2015 4 Pages
The conflict I chose to discuss and critically analyze is a common conflict in many businesses. I have recently experienced managers overloading employees with too much work. I chose to utilize the starbursting tool because it goes through who, what, when, where, why and how, and I truly want to analyze this and come up some helpful solutions. Starbursting is focused on brainstorming several questions for each ‘w’ and how. For this detailed analysis I will also include my overall answer or solution. Who: Who is effected? Who is benefitting? Who is keeping track to maintain equality? The main who is over worked employees. The company and managers are benefitting because the work is being completed by the best employees out of first in first out order. One of the main problems is no one is keeping track of who is completing what so a manager may not know that the employee is already overwhelmed. I’ve always been taught you just don’t say no to a manager or partner, but it’s difficult when your workload already seems unattainable. What: What type of work is given out? What can be done to spread it out? What can the managers do to prevent overwhelming staff? What can the employees do to prevent being overwhelmed? The main what is being bombarded by management with more and more work. The type of work in my situation is tax preparation and accounting, and a significant problem is lack of qualified staff. The managers should honestly ask the employee what their schedule looks…

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