A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens Essay

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A Christmas Carol Analysis I have loved A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens since I was little so I was very excited to see how Michael Daehn brought this iconic story to life. In his version, I believe that Daehn wanted to convey the heart of this story. To share the message of hope and selflessness and redemption and perhaps to inspire and enlighten the audience. By choosing to use a version of this play that incorporates music he not only brought this story to life but brought the audience into the story. For example, it was impossible not to feel the overwhelming joy that Scrooge was experiencing at the end of the play. The whole auditorium seemed to swell with a feeling of contentment and joy as we saw so much goodness and change for the better. This in mind, I completely believe that Daehn accomplished what he set out to do. I don’t believe that anyone left the theatre last night without the story leaving an impression on them.
The first way the Daehn brought this story to life was with his superb casting. All of the performers brought something to their characters, made them tangible and relatable. From the way the young bachelor flirted with the single sister at Scrooge’s nephew’s Christmas party to the way the Ghost of Christmas Past constantly moved her hands as if she were conducting the story, each actor brought some sort of nuance to their character that made them memorable. They all were very good about making their lines understandable, although I wasn’t a…

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