A Christmas Carol Summary

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The play, ‘A Christmas Carol’, was performed at South Bend’s Civic theatre on Wednesday December 09. The play was directed by Kevin Dreyer, David Chudzynski, and was based off of the novel written by Charles Dickens. The main theme was about an older man, Ebenezer Scrooge; and his interactions from his past, present, and future ghosts. The encounters with these ghosts led him to transform into a kinder and admirable gentleman.
South Bend Civic Theatre’s replication of ‘Christmas Carol’ was rather discouraging more than entertaining. In order to follow the play properly, you would have to of seen the story beforehand in order to know what was happening on stage. The theatre framed the story line into being in South Bend in order to celebrate
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Maureen Wojciechowski plays the part of Ghost of Christmas Present. She plays the part with believable fear towards the character Scrooge. Marry Ann Moran played outstanding in several roles including one of the narrators where she tries to get the audience to understand the story, which is definitely needed in order to understand what’s going on. Magdalena Conway, a high schooler from Mishawaka, played the part of Christmas past. For such a young age and little experience her part was played with a lot of passion and really brought her character to life. Some moments she played seem a little exaggerated but it brought character to the show. One of the performers, Emily Beck, played Mrs. Cratchit but she look too young for her character with the children almost as old as her and her husband much …show more content…
Most of the audience was filled with parents and their children so it’s enjoyable for the children but the parents seemed more intrigued with the concession stands that had candy, popcorn, and hot chocolate for a reasonable price. I myself, as part of the audience, felt the same way towards the play. It was hard to put myself into the play because most of it was confusing and you really had to have a background on ‘A Christmas Carol’ in order to know what the story line was.
For the Christmas season, this would be a great play for younger children that have a big imagination. However, I wouldn’t recommend this play for older adults. It was entertaining at times but most of the time it was hard to find out what was going on. The lighting, set, and theme were very appropriate for this play. The actors just needed to work on taking those extras and bringing the rest of the play to life with their

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