Essay about A Challenge By Choice Course

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“This is a Challenge by Choice Course, which means that you can choose to try this course, and you can choose to do as much of it as you want.” But to me, the words “by Choice” didn’t apply. They never seemed to apply. As I looked up, the rock wall seemed even taller than before – as if it had extended itself, taunting me, proclaiming, “Now you’ll NEVER beat me!” But at only six years old, forfeit wasn’t an option. In fact, in front of my peers, there were only two: success, or utter, soul crushing defeat. When I was only six years old on an overnight field trip, I was supposed to be having the time of my life. But instead young, friendless me saw it as a quest: Show off your amazing physical strength (I was short and weak) and people will come flocking to you, begging to be your friend. That meant that every “challenge” was instead an opportunity to show off and try to fit into a school that I had just entered, where I knew almost nobody. It also didn’t help that I was younger than everyone in my first grade class because of my November birthday, and that I was also smaller as well. Instead, it only seemed to emphasize to me the importance of finding a friend. Our guide explained to us what a “Challenge by Choice” course was. But I wasn’t listening to her talk. I was considering that how I, the runt of the class, climbing the forty (or fifty, or thirty, did it matter?) wall would earn me so much respect that people would be lining up just to talk to me. After all, it…

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