Fiona's Depression Case Summary

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I feel Fiona relates to many different models because, there is a lot going on in this case study. For example, her depression. The signs of depression were evident to me in this case because, Fiona has lost interest in her usual activities, as well as with her family and friends. The models we will be taking a closer look at are the Biological and Medical Model, Psychodynamic model and the Psychoanalytic Model, Behavioral and Social Model, Cognitive Model, Humanistic and Existential Models, and the Socio-cultural Model. Furthermore, if a Psychologist used the Biological Model he or she could conclude that the depression Fiona is encountering for example, is the divorce from her husband. In addition, using both the Biological/ Medical Model a professional could possibly conclude that, Fiona has a chemical imbalance in the brain, causing the depression as well as, her difficulty being able to eat, which in this case could attribute to a poor diet, and lack of both sleep and exercise because, she isn 't feeling up to it. Fiona is also, 55 years old, and this raises up a flag for me because, her hormones could be thrown off by her body going through the …show more content…
This includes how people think, perceive, remember and learn (Cherry). How this approach is different than the behavioral approach is cognitive focus on internal mental states (Cherry). With this in mind, we know that Fiona has been experiencing depression, so I feel this model relates to Fiona, and a professional could help Fiona talk about her feelings because, she may be remembering her marriage to her husband. With this in mind, this horrific event has made it hard for her to make rational decisions. In addition, I feel that she has lost her ability to problem solve her issues, as well since this event occurred. This has really influenced her behavior and can influence anyone who has been through a

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