College Affordability: Damned If You Don T? By Jose Cruz

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1.) Please respond to prompt 1. Pg. 112, “For Cruz, higher education is a world in which freedom of choice is becoming more and more constrained. Why do you think he paints such a negative portrait? What larger goal do you think he is trying to achieve by doing so? [Rhetorical Analysis of purpose]

In response to the article, “College affordability: Damned if you go, Damned if you Don’t?” The author Jose Cruz presents an article on the literal condition of the circumstances facing our colleges and higher education today. His tone of disgust and anger could be felt in the article and the action to do something about the issue even more so. As a second year college student; I find myself agreeing with Mr. Cruz’s argument and his
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The first is, “at home create sacred spaces: the kitchen, the dining room.” Next, “demonstrate the value of conversation to our children.” And finally “look up, look up at one another, and let’s start the conversation.”
4. Please respond to prompts 1&4., pg. 133, that deal with Olsen’s narrative on her daughter’s life. The reason Olsen organizes her narrative story this way is to draw the reader into her story, setting the story up for the deeper issues and problems that faced her daughter throughout her life. Olsen is trying to re-cap to find the reason why her daughter is the way she is. Olsen stated, “My wisdom came too late.” Clearly taking blame as Emily’s mother for better solutions of raising a special needs child of that era.
#4 This example of narration is very effective in the rhetorical mode. It plans for purpose through explaining the reasons she thought she was an unfit single mother, yet still loved Emily deeply for who she was. The author’s goal of influencing the reader by using this rhetorical choice was right on and in fact made me read it again; because I was so deeply moved by her story and could relate to her story. I also have a son with special needs. The feelings and emotions she shared were very close to

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