A Caring And Healing Environment An Interview Essay

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In order to understand and assess how to interact with a patient and create a caring and healing environment an interview was conducted and will be analyzed in this paper. For the sake of anonymity we will address the patient with the pseudonym, Alyssa. Alyssa graduated from culinary school in New York almost two years ago. This being said, Alyssa loves to cook and therefore owns many high-grade kitchen tools such as knives. One day while preparing dinner for herself and her two roommates, for the purpose of this paper they were named Lauren and Molly, Alyssa returned to the kitchen area to clean up. While cleaning her extremely sharp knives, the sponge somehow slipped and led to Alyssa slicing the tip of her left pointer finger. According to the interview with Alyssa it began to bleed profusely. She explained how her nail was sliced to the bed and even some skin was left on the blade of the knife. Alyssa said she used a paper towel to try and stop the bleeding and put on a band aid. An hour had passed and she felt like finger was still bleeding. Both of her roommates Lauren and Molly are studying to become nurses and attempted to help stop the bleeding. Lauren decided to use some gauze and wrap up Alyssa’s finger. After an additional two hours Alyssa noticed that she was beginning to bleed through the gauze. That was when Lauren and Molly suggested that Alyssa see a doctor to make sure everything was okay and that the finger would heal correctly.
Alyssa arrived in the…

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