Being A Radiographer Essay

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What job would you want to do? I want to be a radiographer because you have a good salary while providing a better life for my son. A radiographer is an important part of the diagnostic health care team, responsible for producing high-quality medical images that assist medical specialists and doctors in diagnosing or monitoring patient 's injury or illness. Being a radiographer is a good career choice for me because it has a good salary and benefits, there are different types of radiography, work with different machines, cons for radiographers, and radiology plays a vital role in healthcare.
The "starting salary for radiographers is 36,000 to 40,000 a year in North Carolina" as stated by Kristen Miller, Wilkes Community College instructor.
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Diagnostic radiographer diagnoses injuries and illnesses. "As a diagnostic radiographer, your work would involve producing and interpreting high-quality images of the body to identify and diagnose injury and disease, screening for abnormalities, taking part in surgical procedures, such as biopsies (examining tissues to find the cause of disease)" (Job Profiles Radiographer- work activities). I would enjoy doing either type of radiography. The reason I would like to be a diagnostic radiographer is because I am very interested in the technical side of radiography. Also, a lot of different people are coming in and out all the time, and I would get to find the cause of the diseases. Therapeutic radiographers plan and administer radiotherapy treatment for patients. "They plan and deliver treatment using x-rays and other radioactive sources working closely with medical specialists to plan and treat malignant tumors or tissue defects assessing and monitoring patients throughout treatment and follow-up" (Job Profiles Radiographer- work activities). The reasons I want to be a therapeutic radiographer is I get to see the same patients through their course of treatment, some of the time we provide palliative treatments, but most of the time we 're aiming for a cure. Also I would be providing the treatment that enables them either to live their last months with relief from pain or extends their lifespan by years. "Both types of radiography involve working as part of a team alongside radiologists, clinical oncologists, physicists, radiology nurses and other healthcare professionals" (Radiographer-The work). "You will need to have these skills Critical thinking, ability to multitask, prioritize, and patient care skills," said Miller. Radiographers work with all age groups this is one of the reasons I will enjoy being a radiographer because I want to work with different ages instead of just one age

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