A Business Leader With Success And Longevity Running Your Business

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"Getting fired is nature 's way to telling you that you had the wrong job in the first place."
-- Hal Lancaster, in The Wall Street Journal

Employee termination is a big topic that entrepreneurs don 't get to read as much. This is a subject that many would rather avoid until the moment actually arrives. But if you are a business leader with success and longevity running your business, this is something that you will inevitably experience. Terminating an employee is a task that must be carried out when needed, yet this process could bring about a lot of emotions that are someway negative.
Some managers do this right and others poorly, but it is clear that this is what sets successful and non-successful managers apart. Those who are successful know they need to do their best during each part of the termination process, even if it is unpleasant and emotionally draining. So, how do you go about this? What are the steps and approaches you must take to make sure this process goes as smooth as possible?

Let 's begin...

The process: Make sure that you maintain open communication between management and the employees at all times. This is already incredibly important when running a successful business, but it is even more necessary when dealing with employee termination. Negative situations can easily arise when employees feel that they are getting fired for situations that they do not understand. And when an employee doesn 't understand why they are getting let go, it…

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