A Brief Note On Wage And Gender Discrimination Essay

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Wage Discrimination Even though our social system is relatively much complete than before, but gender discrimination seems like a problem for a long time. For studying the differences of wage level between men and women, researcher controls the several variables, such as education level, working experiences, and race, which would influence the result of this experiment. The researchers find that except the impact of these factors, there are still a large part of wage gaps remain unexplained, which means the wage gaps between women and men sometimes just because the gender differences. Obviously, the wage discrimination still exists today. Furthermore, according to the data shown here, for the same full time job, women only earn 78% of what man earn.
The history road to pursue gender-based wage equality is zigzag and complicated.

In general, the gender-based wage discrimination usually defined as: “The Wage gaps describe the discrepancy between the salary and benefits given to men compared to those given to women for the same level and quality of work.” (National Equal Pay Task Force, page 8) When women and men do the same job, their wage is supposed to base on their performances and achievements, rather than their genders. However, the exciting things is that women fight with the gender-based inequality for several decades and they will never stop to pursue the fundamental right against gender discrimination in the workplace. Before 1960, women’s…

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