A Brief Note On Trans Glitch And Gender As Machinery Of Failure

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Hayles article, on Trans-glitch and gender as machinery of failure, elaborates gender as being something fundamentally technological and at the same way broken. It helps to explain the failures emanating from the machines using a human touch. The human body consists of various parts of which it cannot function without and so does a machine of which it is not able to carry out its purposes without them. Perfect machines do not exist and however much the old ones are repaired, they only tend to lead to other problems. Gender, in the same way, is unstable and prone to malfunctions and breakdowns. This reveals the different gender norms and ideals and their rate of expected functionality. However much technology improves faster, Hayles looks at it as being broken, Flawed and imperfect. He discusses this by further expounding on Alan Turing’s ‘Computing Machinery and Intelligence’. In the current times, there exists the limitation of gender as observed in this article.

I agree with the definition of glitch as being referred to as a delayed execution from the time a machine is given the command and thus forcing one to pay keen attention to the materiality of the media in question. In other words, glitch makes us as humans to pay attention to our bodies in sexual terms as at that time when we do when a machine is interrupted. The performance of the machinery will be poor but this does not necessarily mean its total collapse. This brings about annoyance and irritation but on the…

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