A Brief Note On The Surgeons Prep For Surgery Essay

1601 Words Mar 17th, 2016 null Page
As the surgeons prep for surgery by scrubbing in, the patient is being cared for by other assistants on the case. Surgeons are now walking into the room giving the signal that it is time to better this patient’s life. There is one person who is starting to place this face like mask on the patient and telling them to begin counting down from ten. As the medicine starts to work the patient doses off and the surgeon proclaims that it is time to begin. The patient is now able to undergo the surgery without feeling all the intense pain. Many people have felt pain and chances are, they would give anything for it to disappear into thin air. Now imagine the pain of getting a splinter stuck on the foot. The pain felt from a splinter cannot compare to what it would be like to be awake during an eight-hour long surgery. Anesthesiology was invented to help ease the pain. This procedure of administering anesthesia is most definitely needed in today’s world because as humans advance in technology and the world, new ideas come along, especially ones that might even cause bone breaking accidents. This pain numbing administer was not born an automatic genius. Just like a baby learns how to walk and talk, an immature anesthesiologist has to learn the basic “A, B, C’s” of this highly dangerous yet beneficial specialty. This practice requires many years of rigorous classes and education. For this specific career choice, 4 additional years of medical school trails the 4 years of undergraduate…

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