A Brief Note On The National Football League Essay

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Safety is Exclusive to Stars The National Football League, commonly called N.F.L, has gone through dramatic changes in recent years. These abrupt changes have occurred because the N.F.L claims that it is attempting to protect its players. This protection is needed seeing as concussions have been discovered to be worse than previously thought and have been linked to severe life altering effects that often occur several years after the concussions take place themselves. However, not all players are being protected by these new rules. In fact, it seems as if the N.F.L is protecting its most popular players. This assumption is based off of the fact that the most protected positions lead the N.F.L in jersey sales and also have the highest contracts. Ultimately, protecting players is a nice idea on paper, but a terrible thing when only the popular ones receive it. New research on concussions has forced the N.F.L to change its rules and protect its players even more so than it already has in the past. Previously, concussions were thought to have little long term impact. Today, we know that concussions “may be associated with accelerated neurodegeneration and increased risk of Alzheimer 's disease, Parkinson 's disease, and motor neuron disease”(Daneshvar et al.). In case that is not alarming enough, concussions have also been linked to a certain brain “disease [that] correlate[s] with the onset of intrusive neuropsychiatric symptoms including depression and death due to…

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