A Brief Note On The Music Identification App Essay

1865 Words Apr 24th, 2016 8 Pages
Shazam is a widely known music identification app. According to CNN, Shazam first started off as a call-in service where users would dial the numbers ‘2850’ to get their music identified. After 30 seconds of song identification, the user would then get a text message with the artist name and song title. About 14 years later, Shazam has not only upgraded their technology, but has also expanded from their initial music identification services to being able to identify TV shows and other forms of media as well. Identifying music and TV shows is a great feature, but Shazam can increase its value by venturing out and adding/upgrading features that allows the user to identify physical items.
Shazam started in 1999, so one of its biggest strengths include its first-movers advantage. The fact that it was the first of the music identification technology, places a barrier on potential competitors. In addition, because it started before there was high demand for music identification, it has had a few years to perfect their technology, unlike their new competitors.
Currently, Shazam has the highest number of active users compared with its competitors. Shazam has approximately 120 million active users, where as Spotify and Apple Music has approximately 75 million and 11 million, respectively. However, even with the highest amount of active users, according to International Business Times, that isn’t enough. Shazam has not been making money since 2006. In fact, the UK based company has…

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