Essay on A Brief Note On The Business Communication Handbook

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Dwyer, J. (2012). The business communication handbook (9th ed.), Communication in today 's workplace (pp. 2-26). Frenchs Forest, N.S.W.: Pearson Australia.

In this article, Dwyer (2012) focuses on the importance of communication by exampling a various types of communication at workplace in contemporary society. She introduces by presenting at the three forms of communication – verbal, nonverbal, and graphical communication, which is kind of behaviour and can influence by receiving/sending individual’s personal uniqueness, followed by the process of communication, which includes seven elements (sender, message, channel, receiver, feedback, context or setting and noise or interference) and shows how they are delivered to each component and interacted by using depicted diagram and explains how they are interrupted in certain situations. In relation to the delivering messages, disruption of effective communication can occur and factors are given as an example.
With radical changes in business climate, globalisation, workforce diversity, social media, managing organisational change and managing knowledge are roughly examined with examples and how they are affecting to the workplace communication in terms of effective interaction. Dwyer investigates on how social media tools subsidised to an organisation’s internal and external communication and interactions. She also places more emphasis on a social media policy to avoid traducement of the company. She discusses the…

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