Essay about A Brief Note On International Business And Trading

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International business and trading is an activity that is comprised of all those commercial transactions which take place in two or more regions, two or more countries or nations that are beyond their political boundaries. In this line, it means, that international business cuts across different cultural differences in different nations, different governmental regulations and diverse application of labor rules. Introducing a new product at the international market will not go well without proper environmental scanning. The environment has to be analyzed very well to see the competitors and industrial analysis. Entering the global business will also be subject to stiff competition since there will be already established companies. The global business will also be affected by the foreign exchange rates. Most importantly, it is very crucial to identify the target customers.

The community business-USpower is focused on selling of power tools. The business wants to introduce the power tools at the international level. After a deep environmental scanning, the business has found out that Poland is suitable for introducing the product. It has found out that the government of Poland has a huge demand for power tools, and competition is not very high. At the same time, the economic climate in Poland is very positive. It is favorable since the government has been in an effort to liberalize trade, while at the same time making it attractive for the foreign companies. It…

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