A Brief Note On Cheating And Bribing Your Children Essay

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Everybody has their own opinions and mixed feelings on either you should bribe your children to
Do Things they want them to do for their own benefit. Some say that it is completely fine and
Actually makes your children turn out for the better being more happy and loving towards their
Parents. Also at the same time other people honestly believe it is a terrible idea to bribe your children claiming
It teaches them bad habits making them believe they should receive an award for everything they do in
Life also they tend to not be as close or loving towards their parents at a young age. Both ways both
Bribing and not bribing your kids both have their own benefits and disadvantages. It’s all just a personal Opinion.
The people who don’t bribe there kids with stuff like food, candy, toys and any type of award
Tend to
Be more distracted during the day with either work or some other activity and don’t pay near
Attention to their kids. It doesn’t mean that they are bad parents it just means they sometimes
Neglect the fact that there kids need some attention they need you to be a part in their life not just

Push them out by bribing them and buying them an Xbox and expecting you’ve done your job as
A parent, because to an extent you’re not. Parents who have are wealthier than the ordinary
People tend to use the bribing technique more than others. There are several examples of “rich
Kids” feeling like they have been bought out by their parents. Just because they have the…

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