Essay on A Brief Note On Big And Small Universities

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Do you think the size of a university matters when a person is picking a college to attend? Do you think it is easier to attend a small or big university? Big and small universities have many differences. The main differences that I will talk about are class size, advisors, and Social life and environment. I believe it is easier to succeed at a small university than a large university. Big universities have such a larger body of students than small universities so class sizes are bigger. You cannot just learn from the book. You have to have some sort of hands on activity in order to learn things for your major also. With class sizes being so large, hands on opportunities are not available because the expenses for all of the students. It would also consume a lot of time, effort, and teachers to do hands on activities with such large classes. At large universities, Professors do not even direct and lecture the class. The professors have teaching assistants that lecture and teach the class. At such a large university professors, do not have time to teach the class. You do not get to know your professors. You are taught by teaching assistants and you don’t even get to know them and they do not know you because the class size is so large. You are just another face in the classroom and another number. At big colleges, advisors have many students to advise, therefore, they do not have much time for each student of theirs. Their main goal is to advise each student a little bit…

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