A Brief Note On A Business Operation Is Critical Factors That Affect The Economy And Society Constantly Change

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Name : Zelita Moniz
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Nowadays, organizations perform in an environment which the economy and society constantly change. Alternation in a business operation is critical Factors that require a deep understanding and skills to deal because changes can affect other economic system and become wide-ranging issues. Different aspects such as-as culture, technology, and economy fluctuation are the aspects that could have an impact on organisations and managers’ job. These factors could influence in both positive and negative sides.

Factors that could have influence on organizations and manager’s job

ϖ Culture in Workplace
Culture is one of the features that might affect an organisation environment. It includes variety aspect of cultures, beliefs and different backgrounds of managers and employees in which an agency operates. To have a harmonious atmosphere, they should give value and respect these aspects. For instance, in 2013, a US clothes retailer was sued with amount $ 71.000 because they disrespect the two Muslims employees who used headscarves. Furthermore, the British grocer Tesco company got to court because the company restricted praying room for their Muslim employees (The Economist 2014). Trough these issues, managers could be aware that instead of telling the workers to do things that are quite disrespect, managers can ask the employees to give the ideas about how to improve their business so,…

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