A Brief Description Of The Readings Essay

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Brief description of the readings The first article focuses on a strategy of development of individual behaviour patterns and enactment of effective policies that aim at reducing environmental exposures and stressors that impact the health of a community negatively. The authors propose that the reduction of factors influence exposure to environmental health hazards can be effectively addressed through a change of behaviour of an individual or change of policies that aim at reducing the exposure to such hazards (Parker, Baldwin, Israel, & Salinas, 2004). The article presents health theories and models that guide individuals to lead healthy lives through the change of personal behaviour. It focuses on integration of the various models and theories to achieve the best environmental community health (Parker, Baldwin, Israel, & Salinas, 2004). The authors of the second article focus on the areas of environmental and social epidemiology to reveal further the understanding of the various ways that impact or result in exposure to different environmental health risks as well as health inequalities. The article suggests the development and adoption of a conceptual framework that focuses on enhancing, obtaining, and sustaining equitable, accessible, and effective environmental health (Schulz & Northridge, 2004).This framework, they propose, should address the dynamic social structures and processes that promote environmental and social inequalities in the community. The authors…

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