A Bloody Man, Speeding Police Car, And A Hospital Essay

780 Words May 9th, 2016 4 Pages
A bloody man, speeding police car, and a hospital are the opening scenes to the movie Serpico. Which is about a New York police officer named Frank Serpico, or “Paco”, who is apart of the New York Police Department (NYPD). Real life events that go on in the police force were portrayed in this movie. Also many ethical issues could be examined in Serpico. The issues of being a whistleblower, and the consequences that arise from uncovering the corruption in the police force are introduced. Men are beaten, punished, lied to, and deceived by police officers. The constant debate of what’s right and wrong are the core principles of the movie. A new officer on the force named Frank Serpico, starts his new job in the hopes of doing his due diligence in protecting and serving his community with the hopes of earning a gold shield. Frank on his first day on the job is introduced to officers of the NYPD who were accepting bribes from criminals to make extra money on the side. As his partner received money from a local drug dealer Frank was offered a cut of the loot. To the other officer’s disbelief Frank denied without any hesitation. In the other cop’s eyes this is fairly strange seeing as though it was common practice to take the money. Frank’s idea of being an honest cop was tarnished as the thought of this kind of corruption was going on. He did not know what to do other than tell a friend. Officers allow these sorts of violence and drug behavior to continue just so they can earn…

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