A Beneficial Dance Course At Yvhs Essay

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A Beneficial Dance Course at YVHS How does building self-esteem and social skills, reducing stress, improving relaxations, strengthening the mind and body, controlling body weight, and being ecstatic sound? All of these benefits mentioned can be met by Yucca Valley High School introducing a dance class to its curriculum as an option for an elective. This course would provide adequate exercise, strong socialization skills, plentiful health benefits for everyone, and knowledge about personal qualities. A dance class needs to be offered at Yucca Valley High School, so intrigued students can have the opportunity to take this class. Unlike any other elective offered at YVHS, this productive dance class would give students a chance to spend more time exercising. Since there are only two years required to take P.E., students can take this class to exercise in a uniquely different way. The amount of exercise needed by students is equivalent to the time in a one period class. “…the weekly exercise targets for children are currently set at a minimum of 1 hour per day…five times a week…” (“Why Dance?” par.2). According to my calculations from surveying forty-five students at YVHS, this class would surely make the approximate 16% of non-active students more active (see Graph A). Like other electives, the equivalent amount of credits would be given to a passing student. Students have to pass a class to earn credits in order to graduate. “Dance is a fun way to open up new…

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