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Fault- fracture that occurs when rocks break and that results in relative movement or opposing sides.
Seismic Wave- earthquake waves, including primary waves, secondary waves, and surface waves.
Epicenter- the point on earths surface located directly above the earthquakes focus.
Magnitude- a measure of the energy released by and earthquake.
Seismograph- instrument used to record seismic waves.
Tsunami- powerful seismic sea wave that begins over an ocean floor earthquake can reach 30 minutes height when approaching land and can use destruction in coastal areas.

PART FOUR: RESEARCH 1. What are the geological causes of these earthquakes?
Answer: The geological causes if these earthquakes is
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6. What factors may impact the physical damage of an earthquake?
Answer: The factors that may impact the physical damage of an earthquake are that if that magnitude is high than the earthquake will be more destructive also if the earthquake last long it could create more damage. 7. If an earthquake is unpredictable what can a government do to protect its people?
Answer: Since an earthquake is unpredictable the government needs to do something to protect us. I think the government can try to find a way for scientist to try to predict an earthquake in advice so people could be more prepared and less people would die and less damage would be made.


BREAKING NEWS!!! Tragic earthquake in Haiti ! Devastating earthquake, from this earthquake! The Haiti earthquake was similar to the San Francisco earthquake in 1906. In this article I will be explaining about two devastating earthquakes. One earthquake was in Haiti in 2010 and the other earthquake was in 1906 in San Francisco. These earthquakes both had a lot of sad effects on where they happened. These earthquakes both are different and similar in a lot of ways.
This devastating earthquake in Haiti took place on Tuesday, January 12th 2010. The amount of deaths was very sad. There were 316,000,000 deaths. The magnitude was low but it was 7.0. The amount of people homeless was very upsetting. There was 225,000 people

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