Essay 70 680 Lab04

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This lab contains the following exercises and activities:
Exercise 4.1Installing Windows 7 AIK
Exercise 4.2Creating an Answer File
Exercise 4.3Creating a Windows PE Boot Image
Exercise 4.4Capturing an Image
Lab Challenge 4.1 Creating a Capture Image
As part of the planning stage of a Windows 7 workstation deployment project, you have been assigned the task of installing the Windows 7 Automated Installation Kit, building a reference computer, and capturing an image of the reference computer.
Estimated lab time: 80 minutes
Exercise 4.1 Installing Windows 7 AIK Overview In Exercise 4.1, you install Windows 7 AIK on a workstation, using installation files
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When you configure elements in an answer file, Windows SIM adds them to specific configuration passes, which dictate when in the installation process the setup program will configure that element.
The setting for active to true specifies that the partition is active.
The setting extend specifies whether to extend the partition to use the remainder of the contiguous space on the hard disk.
The setting format specifies the file-system format to apply to the partition, changing it to NTFS formats the partition for the NTFS file system.
The setting label specifies the name to apply to the partition which is Windows.
The setting letter specifies the drive letter to assign to the partition which is drive C,
The setting order specifies the order in which the partition will be modified, which must start with 1 and going up, even when modifying only 1 partition.
The settings partitionID specifies the identification number of the partition to modify which is partition 1.
The setting TypeID specifies the hard drive partition type. 513715-65087500579120-56832500
From the Tools menu,

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