7 Factors Affecting Digital Marketing In Nigeria Case Study

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7 Factors Affecting Digital Marketing in Nigeria
As many of us already know, there are several factors affecting digital marketing in Nigeria. Previously, one of my students listed about 11 challenges facing him in his local environment. If you ask other people from different parts of the country, you’d be astonished by the number of factors affecting digital marketing in Nigeria. As a full-time digital marketer, I have personally experienced many challenges at different times. In the next few paragraphs, I will discuss about the 6 factors affecting digital marketing in Nigeria.
Awareness is one of the major factor affecting digital marketing in Nigeria. As a digital marketer, I spend most of my precious hours trying to carry people
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Yes, give him/her a good computer with unlimited internet connection and watch what their behaviors. The simple truth is that expensive data and poor internet coverage has discouraged many people from using the internet. I am saying all of these because I have experienced it. When I was in the university, poor internet connection was my greatest challenge. There are times I could not download a 200 KB file due to extremely poor connection. How about using your last money to purchase mobile data and when your download is around 98%, you get a “download failed” notification? Almost every Nigerian would have experienced it. It is not funny because this has really affected many digital …show more content…
All the points I presented in this article is 100% valid. Of course, you could have heard people condemning the usage of high end mobile phones because all what they know about mobile phone usage is to make calls and send text messages. This “disease” is not limited to the people living in the villages. In fact, I have seen graduates who condemn the usage of high end mobile phones.
With this bad orientation, digital marketing in Nigeria will not grow as expected. Fortunately, we can orientate people and show them some of the reasons why we use such expensive devices. You’re not justified if all what you use your expensive phone to do is to woo ladies. Yes, I can get some ladies if I am ready to buy the latest iPhone for them.
Hectic online payment solutions
Lastly, the hectic online payment solutions has crumbled digital marketing in Nigeria. The majority of talented marketers in Nigeria cannot make their products available to the global market because of the unfavorable online payment solutions. PayPal, which is the easiest means to pay for product or services online is not fully functional in Nigeria. As at the time of writing this article, Nigerian PayPal cannot receive fund. There are other online payment solutions; however, they are not as convenient as PayPal. Apart from the convenience, they are extremely expensive

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