7 Characteristics Of Self Directed Learning

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In the 21st century, self-directed learning is an essential skill require for educational world. This learning approach increases the motivation of students to learn, since they are the makers of their own knowledge, they experience a sense of independence while learning. It is a type of learning in which the learners are allowed to work on authentic problems and diagnosing their learning needs with or without help from others. Self-directed learning can be implemented in a variety of ways such as: modeling desired behavior, providing explanations about concepts with illustrations, inviting learners to participate in a task in which the instructor acts more like a guide and also use the support of technologies. Technology is one of the tools …show more content…
2.3.2 The Characteristic of Self Directed Learning
According to Omega (2012) there are seven characteristic of independent learning: curiosity, readiness, self-examination, autonomous, critical thinking, comprehension with little or no instruction and persistence. Curious refers to the learners feel curious and want to know more about the global environment. They explore and search for something new. Moreover, they are active to seek out the information related to their lesson on their own. Another characteristic is readiness. It refers to the level of learner’s desire to learn. Normally, in order to be independent learner, people have to motivate themselves. Having highly motivated behaviour, learners can set their goal clearer and find out the ways to deal with that even faster. Being highly-motivated is the encouragement to study.
Self-examination is also one of the important points. By doing the self-directed learning, learners will be able to examine themselves. They can know their good and bad points, and they will be able to seek out the ways to strengthen themselves for the good

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