Essay on 5 Keys to Quality Assessment

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‘Five key ideas about quality assessment’ – Keep it to 5 main points and write a few sentences on each. Use references to support your ideas.
McMillan (2011) describes assessment as 'the gathering, interpretation and use of information to support teacher decision-making'. (p5) Quality assessment is carried out to evaluate teaching, so that completed assessment tasks then provide information that is required by teachers to validate effective decisions about student learning. This allows teachers to continually assess processes to ensure the most effective interventions are always in place. Therefore teachers are constantly attempting to maximise learning processes by constantly analysing current methods with ongoing assessment based tools
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Measurement is a key component in regards to quality assessment. The practice of measurement of teaching and learning holds significant opportunity for improvement for either quality assessment or quality evaluation processes. Teachers collect data to understand what level of performance has been delivered by a student. This information is collated to produce an analysed document that identifies key areas of concern or excellence. If the areas of concern are identified, then they are to be addressed by the development of an action plan to resolve the issue. Ongoing progress reports would be suggested until resolution of issue and obvious improved performance. It is critical that the area of quality within the performance of each student is clearly stated so that the teacher can identify and measure those areas.
Student Involvement
'Student involvement in assessment promotes student engagement and achievement' (McMillan 2011, p24) Therefore it could be suggested that student involvement during their assessment also provides an effective measure of ability. This potentially could empower a student to take a larger responsibility for their own learning, understand how they learn individually and hopefully assist them to achieve valuable communication skills between themselves and their teacher. Involving students could enable each individual to develop

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